Meet AVIVA -  the mascot of Tel Aviv, a pink curious jellyfish. She represents love, freedom and creativity. AVIVA embodies the full experience and spirit of the city. She is happy, outgoing, open and tolerant.

And who are we? We are dreamers, just like you. We dream of showing a different Israel, the different aspects of this country that are usually not reflected in international media coverage. For us, AVIVA is the perfect tool to show these positive aspects of Tel Aviv and Israel, to promote message of peace, love, co-existence, freedom and tolerance; and to be the ambassador of Israeli culture.

Over the last few months AVIVA has successfully promoted her messages in israel and abroad. The AVIVA project is blessed with a dedicated team of people working on its development, design, PR, marketing and artistic collaborations.

So far, we’ve opened one branch in Japan, where AVIVA was announced as “Yuru-chara” - an official symbolic character. We also signed a contract with America’s biggest toys distribution company, for distributing AVIVA’s vinyl doll. We’ve launched AVIVA in Europe with videos telling about AVIVA’s life and adventures in German, French and Russian. We get lots of responses on AVIVA’s social media channels, and even get positive reactions from the Arab world.


About the Creator

Ronen Lalena is a notable Israeli artist, director, photographer and designer, a local pioneer in combining visual and sound. After working with Japanese photographer Mike Nogami in New York, he has collaborated with more than a 100 famous musicians in Israel and abroad. His special works were exhibited in several galleries and museums. Besides artists, Lalena worked with major worldwide companies such as OCB and Clipper.

Israeli musician Uzi Ramirez composed a love song to Aviva, which will become the soundtrack to her online activities.

Since 2016, in addition to the famous vinyl figure, Aviva has been collaborating with a lot of significant artists, in order to produce limited edition of her own themed products and collectibles. Among the artists she teamed-up with fashion brands and designers such as Frau Blau, lighting designer Amit Sturlesi, and CLIPPER lighters and prints.


The highly acclaimed fashion designers Helena Blaunstein and Philip Blau have created a capsule collection of 50 designs, each designed in small and large sizes (100 shirts total) inspired by Aviva. You can find these rare shirts for sale at the pink jellyfish online store.